It is said that a good piece of advice goes a along way. While everyone has advice ready for sharing, Assured Services has years of practical experience behind the tips we offer. The tips we offer here resolve some of the most common questions that our customers ask us.

1. Be prepared to handle common home emergencies

2. A little nurturing now can save you A LOT OF PAIN later

3. Think ahead for the weather

4. Ways to Winterize your home for the cold and rainy season:

  • Wrap hose bibs with insulation or insulating covers
  • Shut off hose bib lines to garages that are not heated.
  • Check weatherstripping on exterior doors, including door sweeps. Look at lower corners of the doors for daylight and fill with felt pads if needed.
  • Clean furnace filters.
  • Clean electronic filters with hot water.
  • Clean around perimeter of house and make sure that grade slopes away from house.
  • Seal concrete cracks, especially gaps between slabs and foundations.
  • Check roof for blown off shingles, gaps in flashings, or flashing boots that are deteriorated.
  • Check and clean skylights.
  • Sweep chimneys and check masonry for gaps in mortar inside chimney and out.
  • Check fireplace damper operation.
  • Check and test all gas valves.
  • Find your water shut off.
  • Check that all waterlines in unheated places are insulated.
  • Drain irrigation system and winterize.
  • Apply winterizer fertilizer to lawns.
  • Check all fan vent terminations for bath, kitchen, and dryers for proper orientation and dampering. Make sure there is no lint or dust build upo in the vent terminations.
  • Check that all fans operate well, making sure that they move a lot of air out so there is no moisture build up.
  • Check all perimeter and caulk any penetrations.
  • Check for entrances that rats can find when they start looking for warm homes.